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A usability design checklist for Mobile electronic data capturing forms: the validation process.ew Specific Application Domain (SAD) heuristics or design principles are being developed to guidethe design and evaluation of mobile applications in a bid to improve on the usability of these applications. This isbecause the existing heuristics are rather generic and are often unable to reveal a large number of mobile usabilityissues related to mobile specific interfaces and characteristics. Mobile Electronic Data Capturing Forms (MEDCFs) areone of such applications that are being used to collect health data particularly in hard to reach areas, but with a numberof usability challenges especially when used in rural areas by semi literate users. Existing SAD design principles are oftennot used to evaluate mobile forms because their focus on features specific to data capture is minimal. In addition, someof these lists are extremely long rendering them difficult to use during the design and development of the mobileforms. The main aim of this study therefore was to generate a usability evaluation checklist that can be used to designand evaluate Mobile Electronic Data Capturing Forms in a bid to improve their usability. We also sought to compare thenovice and expert developers’views regarding usability criteria.

The Transform Africa Summit held in Kigali, Rwanda on the 28th – 31st October 2013
culminated in the adoption of the Smart Africa Manifesto document by seven (7) African Heads
of State (Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Mali, Gabon and Burkina Faso) in which they
committed to provide leadership in accelerating socio-economic development through ICT.

Information and communications are at the heart of human
life and social development. People have always worked
together by sharing information and knowledge through
speech, writing, the printed word and, more recently,
telephony and broadcasting. Sharing information empowers
individuals and communities, and enables whole societies
to benefit from the experience of everyone within them.

n 2010, renewable energy use in the Russian Federation (hereinafter also referred to as “Russia”) was dominated by hydropower in the power generation sector, while bioenergy dominated heating in industry and buildings (including district heat generation)� In 2010, hydropower accounted for 70% of the total final renewable energy use of 0�6 exajoules (EJ)� Bioenergy accounted for most of the remaining 30%� In the same year, renewable energy’s share in Russia’s total final energy consumption (TFEC) was 3�6%�

Why us?

You’re proactive when it comes to the physical threats to your business. So why would you settle for anything less when protecting electronic assets?

Our layered network security monitoring approach.

Avoid the risk of unexpected downtime, slow network response, and network intrusion with our unique layered approach to security. We monitor your network using real-time threat-intelligence feeds from the government and private sector, insights already in use by some of the most secure environments including the United States Department of Homeland Security. And we delve beyond 24×7 threat detection and security log monitoring to include security operations center (SOC) services and threat blocking by certified security analysts.

While some services stop once they alert you, our security analysts investigate and prioritize threats to determine if action is even warranted. If it is, we then take action on your behalf, blocking in-progress incidents to minimize response time and damage potential while keeping you focused on core business functions.

Gain a higher level of network system monitoring to secure client and patient records, financials, classified and internal data, personally identifiable information, and other electronic assets—ensuring compliance with leading regulations including PCI, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, FACTA, NIST 800-53, and FERPA.


What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing Definition

The art of exploiting weaknesses and vulnerabilities in networks, web applications, or people. This is different than just performing a vulnerability scan against your network. A penetration test takes the perspective of an outside intruder or an internal individual with malicious intent. This may not always involve technology, however technical controls are a big part of preventing easy exploitation and data compromise.

Get peace of mind with real world Penetration Testing and Services

Too often, organizations take a narrow, reactive approach to cyber security. But we work with companies to help them block hackers proactively, pointing you to small and often overlooked gaps that might allow intruders into your systems to access highly sensitive data—leading to significant monetary loss.

Why should you conduct a penetration test?

Even with the strongest security and safeguards in place, vulnerabilities exist and open your company to unknown risk. Those gaps might be as unsuspecting as a database, an application, website access—even your own employees. And any of those access points could provide a direct route into confidential electronic data, such as financials, patient information, strategic or classified documents.

Pentest services delve deeper to pinpoint pathways to access, ranking the potential value of each and providing a clear roadmap for remediation. A penetration test is not only smart business practice but also an annual requirement for those who must remain in compliance with leading regulations like PCI, FERPA, HITECH, FISMA, SOX, GLBA, FACTA, and GDPR.

Let our team of experienced, ethical hackers conduct a comprehensive assessment of potential vulnerabilities, prioritizing those and recommending ways to block attacks before they damage your bottom line.

The logical choice for cyber security.

Ensuring the security of confidential business data including your customer’s sensitive personal and financial details requires constant attention. And though not every business demands the full-time commitment of an executive to oversee this function, small- to mid-sized businesses do need the same level of security and intelligence already in place at larger corporations.

That’s where we step in. We can protect your organization at the same level you would expect from a full-time chief information security officer through our Virtual CISO service without the steep investment of executive compensation and their associated benefits package. Work in collaboration with an advanced vCISO professional able to maintain a relationship with your team and become familiar with both your environment and industry so you stay on top of constantly evolving threats and regulations.

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