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In order to support, enhance and optimize the delivery of information in the modern era ICT has to utilized highly in the education sector, this is one of the core targets of LCA to make learning much improved, better teaching methods and easy access to learning resources.

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Health Informatics

Health informatics (also called Health Information Systems) uses information technology to organize and analyze health records to improve healthcare outcomes. Health Informatics deals with the resources, devices and methods to utilize acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of information in health and medicine. The highly knowledgeable LCA is set up to provide these services.

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Professional IT services by LCA cover a range of high-end solutions such as risk management, app development, cloud services, disaster recovery for all manufacturing and processing companies

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Managed it cloud

We understand that you don’t want to be mired in the details of IT management and data storage. With managed IT and cloud services, LCA can help you do just that.

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Cyber Security

LCA commits to guide you throughout your digital transformation journey in the world. We understand the importance of security compliance and the common challenges.  

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ICT promotes and distributes new and existing farming information and knowledge which is communicated within the agricultural sector since information is essential for facilitating agricultural and rural development and bringing about social and economic change

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Information and communication technologies (ICT) are shaping our everyday lives both as consumers as well as in the work place. But it is of a rather recent date that ICT also show a more than trivial impact on the political sphere, which is characterized by collective decision-making. The Agency is  Promoting and Advocating for E-Government […]

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