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Directorate of Human Resources

Mr Wakabaka Lucky Emanuel

Acting Director

Welcome to Directorate of Human Resources

The Directorate of Human Resource is responsible for developing a system for the acquisition, development and retention of talent. It is also responsible for effective assessment of human resource competences for organizational performance and leading organizational change at strategic level. The Directorate of Human Resource is headed by a Director and comprises of four (4) units i.e

  • Performance Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Payroll and Welfare
  • Human Resource Development and Human Resource Planning units

. Each of these units is headed by a manager to effect their respective mandate as detailed below:

Performance Management

Responsible for developing, implementing and coordinating organization-wide performance management (PM) systems and reward programs as well as performance improvement programs.

Employee Relations, Payroll And Welfare

Responsible for developing, delivering and maintaining a business focused employee welfare and relations strategy that meets the needs of all the LCA Staff.

Human Resource Development

Responsible for the capacity building programs of the Agency.

Human Resource Planning

Responsible for the development, implementation, monitoring and reviewing the implementation of the approved structure, human resource planning budgets management in line with the Human Resource polices of LCA.