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Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation

Mr.  Ssempewo Mark


Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation

The Director of Monitoring and Evaluation will provide technical direction for all M&E related systems, processes, analysis, and reporting across CNFA’s program portfolio and will contribute to new business development initiatives as necessary. The Director will be responsible for developing in-house tools and data management systems to track M&E indicators across the organization. Additionally, the Director will provide technical support and contribute to staff training and mentoring in areas of evaluation, data collection and analysis, learning agenda development and other project-level M&E-related deliverables.


The Directorate for Monitoring and Evaluation is in charge for the overall monitoring, review and evaluation of plans, programs and projects to determine if they are achieving their intended objectives. It tracks the progress prior to the implementation of national, or regional or international plans, programs and projects through systematic monitoring, reviews, assessments and evaluations.


  • Develop a comprehensive, flexible M&E (policy/operational) framework to guide M&E planning and resource allocation
  • Promote good planning and M&E practices in government (incl. FMS, Line Ministries)
  • Promote and facilitate IT platform to share data between FGS, FMS ministries and Implementing Partner and community level
  • Develop a robust real-time data collection and analysis monitoring system
  • Embed M&E project officers and capacities at a) nationa level b) regional  level
  • Promote harmonization, transparency and accountability of international funding streams and national budget spending at nation, regional and global level
  • Facilitate reporting by partners and validate through both public , private led and community observations and monitoring/evaluation.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The Directorate is responsible for a wide range of functions which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Provides technical leadership in monitoring and evaluation systems and processes across the Agency;
  • Synthesizes historical project successes and finalizes and aggregates organizational M&E indicators across a range of past and ongoing projects at a Country, Regional and Global Level;
  • Provides technical guidance and direction for, and review of, CNFA’s M&E activities and resulting deliverables including reports;
  • Serves on STTA assignments as a technical expert to support field-based projects in the design, implementation, and management of M&E systems to include the development of PMPs, design and implementation of special surveys and studies, and help develop other indicator tracking tools as required;
  • Informs and develops M&E approaches and strategies as required in support of new business development;
  • Develops and/or revises M&E templates as a part of organization-wide effort to improve project reporting capabilities;
  • Represents CNFA and serves as a thought-leader for M&E to external audiences, as well as internally to CNFA staff;
  • Delivers trainings, as necessary, for HQ and field office staff in a variety of monitoring and evaluation, data collection and analysis topics;
  • Supports the systematic reporting of M&E data across CNFA’s programs portfolio