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Directorate of Regulation and Legal Services

Mugunga Patience – Legal Advocate

Welcome to the Directorate of Regulation and Legal Services

The Directorate is responsible for providing technical and strategic leadership in the development and enforcement of a robust and facilitative legal and regulatory framework.  Also responsible for investigating and enforcing cases of violations against statutory requirements as well as recommending disciplinary sanctions in line with the local, regional and international laws. ICT policy and regulation reinforced by continental level and international experience in policy analysis and formulation, capacity building, research, and ICT4D project management within the same sector.


The Directorate Provides regulatory guidance and monitor compliance by the Agency, management, employees and various stakeholders in the Information Technology (IT) Sector with IT Laws, Regulations, Standards, Policies, Procedures and Guidelines, Policies, Procedures and other relevant Laws in order to achieve the regulation objectives of governments.


  • Participate in the development and or implementation of regulation policies and procedures to ensure that regulatory compliance is maintained, enhanced and are in accordance with the Laws and Regulations in force and business practices;
  • Conduct research on the legal and regulatory regime, and identify emerging industry trends and suggest changes to policies and procedures to improve regulation and compliance in the Agency;
  • Represent the Agency before domestic or international regulatory agencies on various matters or decisions regarding regulation of the IT Sector to ensure compliance with domestic and international regulations and standards;
  • Participate in various activities pertaining to ensuring compliance with national regulatory requirements, business best practices including but not limited to quality systems auditing, inspections and field corrective actions;
  • Conduct legal research and prepare legal opinions on various matters;
  • Prepare reports on the Agency’s and stakeholders’ compliance highlighting emerging issues, potential risks, and audit results in order to identify strengths and control weaknesses with compliance and plan for remedial action;
  • Implement or monitor complaint processing systems to ensure effective and timely resolution of all complaint investigations;
  • Advise on the implementation of legal risk management and control practices within the organization;
  • Prepare position papers for presentation at various stakeholder workshops;
  • Regularly update the Directorate’s library resources or database;
  • Assist in the follow up of requests to stakeholders and government agencies;
  • Participate in stakeholder engagements seminars;
  • Provide secretarial services at stakeholder engagements;
  • Prepare responses to stakeholder inquiries, claims and complaints in accordance with the laws in force in Uganda;
  • Conduct legal research relating to the mission and objectives of Authority and recommend necessary reforms in line with the applicable law;
  • Liaise and collaborate with all relevant government ministries and departments with respect to regulatory matters;
  • Perform any other duties, which may be assigned from time to time.

Functions under “Legal Services”

  1. Providing legal representation of the Agency and all personal;
  2. Developing draft regulatory acts within the competence of the Agency at a national, regional and global level;
  3. Providing opinions on draft regulatory acts in the field of ICT , and in all cases in which the Agency is concerned;
  4. Preparing draft decrees, orders, decisions and protocol decisions of the LCA Board relating to the activities of the Agencies;
  5. Preparing opinions on constitutional matters in which the Agency is an interested party;
  6. Preparing opinions on draft national and international international treaties;
  7. Preparing projects, coordinating the legality or giving opinions on the legality of the administrative acts issued by the Executive Director or authorised officers;
  8. Drafting civil contracts, coordinating the legality of civil and employment contracts concluded at the Agency;
  9. Giving opinions on the legality of procedures under the Public Procurement Act, State Property Act, Civil Servants Act, Labour Code, Law on Access to Public Information and other procedures conducted in the Agency;