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Directorate of Research and Development

Mr. Mbaguta Paul Henry


Directorate of Research and Development

The term Research and Development (also referred to as R&D, RND, Research and Technical Development, Research and Technological Development and RTD), refers to the people, financial resources and means dedicated to the study and development of technological innovation with the aim of improving products, creating new ones and making production processes more efficient. R&D Managers oversee this area of the company, ensuring that it functions correctly.

The Directorate of Research and Development play a key role in the Agency. It is tasked with managing business activities aimed at innovation in production. Said ‘innovation’ often concerns various fields. But in general, it tends to refer to:

  • Process innovation, which involves exploring new techniques to create products.
  • Product innovation, which is when the product itself is improved.

And what’s more, Research and Development Director is also required to design, implement and check processes and plans to improve products.

Research and Development Directorate carries out key business activities.  It  is  responsible for controlling, coordinating and carrying out research in various Agency departments, guaranteeing the continuous innovation of products and work processes. It’s only by doing so that the Agency is  able to grow and remain truly competitive on the market.