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Directorate of Technical Services

Dr Wasswa-william


Welcome to Directorate of Technical Services

Provide first level technical support and advice for critical information technology systems including managing the utilization of the resources and infrastructure for centralized data center facilities for large systems through the provision of specialized technical skills;The Directorate for Technical Services consists of the following Departments:


Network Department – Functions;

Planning, Design, implementation, testing and maintenance of the Agency Network Infrastructure; Supervision of the systems administration and maintenance of the entire DWDM, SDH and optical switching network that is being implemented and maintained by Agency ;

  • Design and implement security controls for the  LAN and WAN infrastructure.
  • Develop an annual business plan, capital and operating budget for the network section.
  • Monitoring and implementation of these to ensure that the performance targets are met.
  • Manage network performance and recommend adjustments to wide variety of complex network management functions.
  • Monitor and ensure availability of the Network for it to be operational at all times.
  • Proactively investigate problems that may affect Network availability and take actions to resolve them.
  • Monitor Network security, deployment of IOS software upgrades, and enforce Network license agreements. Monitor power, soil conductivity, lightening protection at all premises to ensure Network availability and reliability are protected.
  • Supervise, review and develop training and succession plans for the networks staff to ensure that the Department is adequately staffed and that the team is equipped with the necessary skills.
  • Review and manage service agreements ensuring maximum productivity on all running SLAs.
  • Recommend and implement policies, standards and documentation procedures related to the NOC operation procedures.

Infrastructure Delivery Department

  • Management of the Project cycle of LCA  infrastructure projects including formulation, budgeting, integration with the Program Management Office, writing monitoring and reporting in regards to infrastructure projects;
  • Planning and execution of Infrastructure projects;
  • Development of Infrastructure blue prints for Agency projects; Monitoring and Evaluating the project activities that are undertaken by  the Agency with emphasis on quality programming with the project development partners;
  • Supervise and control the administrative and financial programs of Agency infrastructure projects; Provision of technical support to other public and private sector agencies undertaking IT Infrastructure Projects to promote high quality, cost effective and timely outputs of the projects and support the project design and development;


Information Technology Services Department

  • Provision of first level technical support and advisory services for the development of  IT systems.
  • Managing the utilization of  IT resources and infrastructure through the provision of specialized technical skills.
  • Provide guidance on the establishment of an infrastructure for information sharing.
  • Monitoring and managing supplier performance to ensure compliance with service level agreements.
  • Coordinate the development of annual business plans, capital and operating budget


Managed Cloud Department

  • Design, construction, management and supervision of Data Centers.
  • Management of the implementation, integration and support of Data Centre Applications.
  • Management of the LAN/WAN infrastructure that will be integrated with the Primary Data Centre infrastructure;
  • Management of the Primary Data Centre storage systems and applications;
  • Recommend and implement policies, standards and documentation procedures related to Data Centre operation procedures.
  • Perform any other duties, which may be assigned from time to time