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Public Relations Division

Public Relations Officer

Joshua R Kwebiiha Jete

Welcome to the Public Relations Division

PR is charged with promoting the image and understanding of the Agency, provide protocol services for the Agency and enhance media and public relations.

Public Relations is concerned with the theory and practice of communication between the Agency and specified publics. Members of the Public Relations Division are concerned with developing a greater understanding of the theoretic basis for effective communication.  At the same time the Division is concerned with the application of theoretic advances for the solution of pragmatic public relations problem.

The primary function of PR is to build a beneficial relationship with the public and stakeholders.
  • Media Representation. Representing  the Agency  to the media.
  • Crisis Communication.
  • Content Development.
  • Stakeholder Relations.
  • Social Media Management.

Director: Joshua Kwebiha |Phone: +256778638424

Email | :  pr@lca.ug