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LCA Strategic Plan / Vision 2035

This  ICT SSP leverage on principles set under the SRMP: Establishing a Service-oriented, Modern, Accountable, and Real-Time (SMART) Governments that drives the country`s global competitiveness and job creation; Becoming a highly competitive, agile, open and innovative smart economy with the most favorable business climate that attracts large-scale investments, rewards entrepreneurship and enables fast growth and exports; and leveraging powerful ICT innovations such as Digital solutions, Internet of Things, Big Data and Analytics, Creative Industries and Multimedia, Mobility & Digital Lifestyle, Robotics, Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence and e-commerce.

ICT Sector shall continue to be a catalyst for rapid and sustained economic growth, equitable social development and employment creation. The ICT SSP has defined the following seven pillars: Smart Cities, Fintech, Smart Agriculture, Trade& Industry, Health, Education, Government, Women and Youth Empowerment in ICT. Along with three redefined enablers: ICT Capability and Capacity Development, Smart Governance and Intelligent, and secured & shared infrastructures.

LCA has and will continue making significant investments in ICT infrastructure to improve productivity of the entire economy and the world at large, reduce transaction costs and inefficiencies in the use of capital and labor.

In order to achieve the maximum and optimal adoption of ICT across different sectors of different economies, the ICT Sector should achieve the universal access and wider usage of broadband through encouraging access to appropriate and affordable finance, hardware, services.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) presents an enormous opportunity to introduce significant and lasting positive transformation across the developing world. The rapid penetration of mobile phone access has resulted in considerable improvement in the lives of the poor in urban and rural areas.

ICT will continue contributing to the World’s ability to realize its national goals and leapfrog into a transformed society where every citizen will have better access to opportunities to improve their livelihoods and harness the benefits of a digital economy.

LCA is an international Independent Agency that has an objective and a vision to promote and guide ICT standards in the world as it continues to play a pivotal role in facilitating an enabling environment for the world to realize opportunities presented by information and communication technologies.

The plan is premised on (15) year strategic themes namely; Towards a global digital network while promoting digital inclusion for sustained Social and Economic Growth and Governance. The plan identifies (40) strategic objectives which are aligned to these aforementioned themes, each with corresponding results and targets for the period of the Strategic Plan. Furthermore, several initiatives that are expected to enable LCA achieve the long-term goals have been identified in the Plan.

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