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School Management Systems

School Management Systems

Improve the efficiency of your school with a single feature rich, web-based MIS solution. Its clever design creates a single database through a suite of portals, to bring together the whole school community. It’s revolutionized what schools can do with a management information system and has quickly become the preferred partner.

100% web-based MIS system, delivered in the cloud or on-premise

Capture, report and assess more data than ever before

Modular architecture allows schools to fit exact needs

Allows for third-party integration with other systems

Developed with educational needs in mind.

Designed so that all staff can use it to input data as well as extract it easily, the school management system is not just for school secretaries or senior management. It’s intended for all staff to use daily, allowing schools to capture, report and assess more data than ever before. It allows staff members to access any information through a clear, intuitive interface. Because it’s web-based, staff can access exactly the same information from home, or anywhere else in the world, as they can in school.

Its modular architecture allows schools to build their own system and grow it to their exact needs. We understand each school set up is different for a reason – that’s why SMS is so flexible. Whatever your school’s requirements, you can develop an individual in-house system, while taking advantage of numerous useful standard features.

The SMS MIS system is perfect for everyone involved with the school – from data administrators and staff, to students and parents – SMS makes all tasks easier.